Mt. Ontake Erupts

At least 30 hikers are dead according to CNN.

Good lord, those poor folks…when that ash cloud comes roaring down at you there’s no where to run.

9 Responses to “Mt. Ontake Erupts”

  1. JeffS says:

    Luckily for those particular hikers, that wasn’t a pyroclastic flow, or we wouldn’t be seeing that video.

  2. aelfheld says:

    Can we send all of the ninnies littering New York to Mt. Ontake?

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Oh for sure, Jeff.

    Frankly it reminds me very much of the cloud when the WTC collapsed.

  4. JeffS says:

    Mt. St. Helens may be getting feisty, aelfheld. Mayhaps we can save on airfare?

    Mr. Bingley, I thought it was a dust cloud as well. I’m certain that it was thoroughly unpleasant to experience.

  5. Julie says:

    I don’t speak the language, but I’m pretty sure one of those phrases translates to “oh sh*t – RUN!”

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    Bob and I were thinking the exact same thing, Jeff. DAMN lucky no pyroclastic. Cannot believe, with as sensor crazy as the Japanese are, that in this day and age Mother Nature can STILL just BLOW. Humbling. And terrifying.

  7. JeffS says:

    For all that the Pacific Ring of Fire is studied, Sis, there remain many many surprises.

  8. aelfheld says:

    JeffS, the problem with Mt. St. Helens is they can walk back from there.

  9. JeffS says:

    Not if you handcuff them to a convenient boulder, or something equally fixed.

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