Much As I Despise Boeing

…I’m not sure (were I a machinist) what part of this I would have turned down…

…In a high-stakes struggle between the Chicago-based aerospace giant and the Machinists union, Boeing’s three-year “best and final” offer included $5,000 in signing bonuses, raises averaging 11 percent, pension increases and a 3 percent cost-of-living adjustment — $34,000 in average pay and benefit gains per employee, according to the company

…considering the current climate.

Gary Oden has known for weeks that the plant where he has spent the last 19 years helping build Vise-Grips, one of Nebraska’s most famous products, would be shutting down.
But he still wasn’t completely prepared for the meeting at 5:30 Wednesday morning.
He and other employees were officially told the bad news, the kind that has stung workers in upper Midwestern states for years but is relatively uncommon in Nebraska:

The DeWitt plant is shutting down so operations can be moved to China.

The only reason Boeing has 8 years worth of backlogged orders is because Airbus couldn’t deliver planes anywhere near on time and Boeing promised to take up the slack. And IF the machinists vote to strike and Boeing holds the bidding process hostage to boot, that helps the Air Force get a new tanker how?

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