My, Those UN Typewriters Will Be Hummin’

This weekend, just cranking out more of those effective strong letters of disapproval

WASHINGTON (AP) – North Korea may be preparing for its third nuclear test, a show of defiance as the United Nations considers new sanctions on the dictatorship for conducting an underground nuclear explosion in May, according to a U.S. government official.
…”We have come to expect North Korea to act recklessly and dangerously,” NSC spokesman Mike Hammer said in a statement. “But while the world unites to pass a strong new Security Council resolution, it is clear that North Korea’s behavior is succeeding only in further isolating itself.”
President Barack Obama’s special envoy on North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, said Thursday that the United States is determined to make sure the North faces serious consequences for its growing missile and nuclear threat.

Serious consequences, friends.
Maybe he’ll make Kim go on Letterman.

6 Responses to “My, Those UN Typewriters Will Be Hummin’

  1. JeffS says:

    Maybe he’ll make Kim go on Letterman.
    That would work only if Kim has a teen aged daughter.

  2. MaryAnne B. Phillips says:

    There is not denying that North Korea is dangerous but placing the US directly in its line of fire is what US elected leaders do. I am in favor of letting the UN handle it, along with the countries who are in North Korea’s line Japan and South Korea, and keep ourselves out of it. We have too many problems here to contend with to allow international situations to divert the attention of the President and Congress. Lets get ourselves out of this financial crises before we commit any more billions to foreign countries.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hi MaryAnne! I understand your concern, but unfortunately “letting the UN handle it” means doing nothing beyond forming some fact-finding commissions and issuing some resolutions.
    If you’re mainly concerned about a financial crisis, picture the financial crisis that will occur if NK sends a nuke at Japan or South Korea.

  4. mojo says:

    Unfortunately, the most likely scenario of Japan “handling it” (after the UN fiddles about and issues a couple of sternly worded letters) involves returning fire after one of their cities gets a Nork missile dropped on it.
    After that, things get really ugly, for everybody.

  5. JeffS says:

    Mary Anne, we have defense treaties with Japan and South Korea now. We have military forces on the DMZ in South Korea and in Japan. The Korean War never officially ended; it’s just a long standing truce.
    This ignores the possibility that the Norks are working towards the capability of lobbing nukes at the west coast of North America. And the fact that NoKo has been working with Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
    So, like it or not, the US is involved. The UN? On a good day, the UN couldn’t fix a leaky faucet inside Home Depot. Better that we get involved. Which we won’t, because The Won™ is anything but an international sort of fellow.
    But I’m afraid that mojo has the right of it.

  6. Dave J. says:

    Everyone will keep talking and keep talking and keep talking and pretend things will just get better by magic. This ends in only one way: with a North Korean missile, possibly tipped with a nuke, hitting South Korea, Japan or the US. Then it’s welcome back to the real world, and all bets are off.

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