in 2002??!? In this cruel world of lying, hypocrat Democrats, I have that beat for strangeness. So there Kcruella and I were, in New Orleans for a chi-chi cocktail party, where we met (!) and hobnobbed with book writing Brennans, members of the local ‘spirit’ clubs and gregarious others. A hard night of schmoozling and networking (even afterward at a late working dinner) led to a leisurely hike for breakfast, Royal Street gallery stroll on the return, capped by a scenic ferry ride…

…to Old Algiers Point. (No expense spared for my best friend (in the whole world) when it’s MY turn to arrange transport, I tell you!)

(Of course, the actual SCENERY on the way to Algiers rocked.)

So we wander all over creation on our way to another friend’s studio
~ I was on a mission for more of his Mardi Gras pumpkins. I’m an addict.
We are laggards, as ever, and wind up sprinting our way up the gangway (“C’mon girls!! You can make it!!”) to the one functioning ferry before it heads back across the river to the Quarter. Being the stalwart pair we are, diving into the Shops on Canal was an easy detour before hitting the hotel bar……for refreshment.
Breakfast having been many hours (and 6 or so hiking miles away), we shot up a block to Bourbon for a before dinner snicky snack . (Flash fried oysters. Callin’ my name, baby.) Gracious, what a gossip fest! The bartender knew our old B&B owners, one thing led to another and we got all caught up on local dirt PLUS got the guys’ new phone number. I LOVE New Orleans, honest to God I do. Anyways, it was one of those ‘tide you over’ situations, because we were eating dinner here. Former Marine for a chef, winning personality on the numerous Food Network specials we’ve seen ~ we’ve had these reservations for months. Yeah. Buddy.
And all we can say is ‘WOW’. What a meal. And what company. The couple next to us turned out to be a lovely lady ~ a recent widow, bless her heart ~ accompanied by the family lawyer who had flown in from his new home in Houston to advise her. (Kcruella noted that HER barrister has never taken her out to dinner in such…fashion. Oh, well. She IS in New Jersey…) We so enjoyed our conversation with them and their local ‘take’ on what ailed this wonderful city and what it was going to take to fix it. Really amazing local perspective. He’d graduated from Tulane’s law school and she was closing up the New Orleans house to move to Austin. Which brings me back to Nancy Pelosi, odd bedfellows and strangeness. An incredible visit, unbelievable encounters, a magical meal, dynamite new acquaintances and we wind up…?
Talking about Skyler.
How weird is that, I ask you?
Of course, the hotel is haunted

3 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi KNEW About WATERBOARDING

  1. Skyler says:

    I wondered why my ears were burning. I’m glad I was able to be so entertaining. I think.

  2. Kcruella says:

    Only kind things were said of you Skyler. And I will be mentioning to my lawyer the dinner they had and the diet coke I get in his office.

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