Nanny Rising

Anybody remember in the dim far distant past when a certain party bitterly attacked another certain party for its arrogance and presumption in interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, for its cultural insensitivity and lack of nuance in how it dealt with foreign leaders and peoples, for how its heavy-handed idealistically-driven actions that only created animosity towards our country and made other nations not like us (oh, the horror!)? And how certain folks pledged that once they got the reins of power they would show such suavity and sophistication of statecraft that they would rapidly return America to its warm and comfy spot in the bosom of humanity? Well, I guess they changed their minds

Japan has expressed its displeasure at a resolution before the US Congress calling on Tokyo to apologize for the country’s use of sex slaves in wartime.
Foreign Minister Taro Aso said the resolution was not based on facts.
Sponsored by several members of the US House of Representatives, the proposed text urges Tokyo to formally resolve the issue of so-called “comfort women”.

Hmm, seems quite cowboy-like to me to tell Japan this. And then there’s H. Res. 106

Calling upon the President to ensure that the foreign policy of the United States reflects appropriate understanding and sensitivity concerning issues related to human rights, ethnic cleansing, and genocide documented in the United States record relating to the Armenian Genocide, and for other purposes.

“And for other purposes”…like, say, really pissing off Turkey?

The measure is likely to touch raw nerves in Turkey, which rejects the charge that genocide was at the root of the deaths. The Bush administration has warned that even congressional debate on the matter could damage relations with Turkey, a vital Muslim ally and member of NATO.
Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a co-sponsor, acknowledged that the resolution might harm U.S.-Turkish relations in the short term. Nevertheless, he said, “I’m optimistic that the relationship will go on. We will move beyond this.”
…Turkey has adamantly denied claims by scholars that its predecessor state, the Ottoman government, caused the Armenian deaths in a genocide. The Turkish government has said the toll is wildly inflated, and Armenians were killed or displaced in civil unrest during the disarray surrounding the empire’s collapse.
After French lawmakers voted in October to make it a crime to deny that the killings were a genocide, Turkey said it would suspend military relations with France. Turkey provides vital support to U.S. military operations.

“We will move beyond this.” Oh puh-lease. Such a firm grasp of history and the region displayed there, as if all of these discussions and resolutions take place in the rarified atmosphere of a college classroom.
Lets keep passing resolutions condemning other nations for things done generations ago by completely different governments, and let’s see how well they “move beyond this.”
And let’s see the response in Congress when those other countries start, justifiably, passing resolutions condemning our slave trade and ‘genocide’ of the Indians.
Maybe we’ll get a national “Ward Churchill Day”; hell, I could use another day off.

4 Responses to “Nanny Rising”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Gah! More “feel-good-warm-and-fuzzy” bull$hit from the Party Of The Clueless™. Just what we need in the middle of a war.

  2. Nightfly says:

    I was going to post on the anti-Iraq war non-binding “pat ourselves on the back” resolution, but example keeps piling on example and I can’t keep up. “Party of the Clueless” is right on. With the resolution the House essentially said, “See, we were right, this was a mistake, the House of Representatives even passed a resolution saying so!” Resolve is actually the last word I’d associate with this sort of full-throated cry for retreat, but I’m not a politician and lack the necessary nuance.

  3. Steve says:

    I believe that the genocide occurred, but hardly that now is the time to stir it up with Turkey.
    Maybe they can pass a resolution telling Britain to “retroactively shove it” for demanding quarter in the 1770’s?

  4. NJ Sue says:

    These self-righteous silly resolutions fill me with irritation. Doesn’t the House have better things to do, like worrying what’s going on right now in our own country? The Democrats claim to worry so much about what foreigners think of us. How do they think our sanctimonius tut-tutting about old monstrosities plays abroad? Every country has things in the cupboard it’s not proud of.

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