Naomi Wolf…

Tea Partier?

JS: If they did invite you, would you speak at a Tea Party?

NW: I would go in a heartbeat. I’ll go anywhere to talk about the Constitution. I believe in trans-partisan organizing around these issues. When I went on Fox News people asked me why I was going on those shows. Are you kidding? You have to go, especially to people you don’t agree with. We need to get back into grappling with people we disagree with if we want to restore the Republic.

…JS: How do you feel about your books bolstering a fight for policies you don’t agree with?

NW: If people are taking my book seriously and organizing, getting into office, caring about the constitution, and not waiting for someone else to lead them, I think, God bless them. All of us should be doing that. The left should be doing that. There is always the risk in advocating for democracy that the first people to wake up might not be your team, but that is a risk worth taking. I would rather have citizens I don’t agree with organized and active than an oligarchy of people that I agree with.

Look, there’s a lot about Ms. Wolf that I disagree with, but I’ll enthusiastically join her on that last sentence.

(via Tim)

2 Responses to “Naomi Wolf…”

  1. NJ Sue says:

    Naomi Wolf is clinically crazy. She believed that the government was intercepting her daughter’s letters from camp. She’s not an ally that any serious group would want.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    That’s true; she does seem especially attracted to the Paulians…

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