Never, EVER Fly This

like THIS.

‘This is not normal behavior,’ says lead investigator
…According to the report, the crew came in too low and too slow, with incorrect flap settings while making a type of emergency landing regularly practiced by flying crews.
The plane also was underpowered, according to the report, after one of its four engines had been shut down because of erratic warnings from an alarm system. Pilots mistakenly tried to throttle up the engine they shut down instead of one of the remaining three working engines. That left two engines throttled up, one idling and one shut down.
“Clear and convincing evidence” showed that the pilot failed to use all of the available engines during a miscalculated landing approach that was hampered by incorrect settings on the big plane’s wing flaps, Torres said.

…or it winds up like THIS.

Pop quiz after lunch.

4 Responses to “Never, EVER Fly This

  1. John says:

    No pop quiz for that pilot, he’s going to be flying winged lawnmowers over the Mexican border for the rest of his career.

  2. I’ve always loved the demotion message Ebola used to get when playing “B-29” on his old AST 486 and Dell 266. He’d be fending off German fighters with alacrity, get bored and strafe/bomb the field and tower at RAF Alconbury upon his return from the Continent. They never failed to reprimand and ground him (imagine that), displaying this message against a hut reminiscent of Karl’s in “Caddyshack”:

    You have a career in small engine repair and lawn maintenance waiting.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Has he taken that job advice yet?

  4. That would require dirty hands and inconvenient hours.
    So, no.

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