New Jersey Bruce Rocks!!

I mean the REAL MAN Bruce,
not the scruffy guy that sings

It’s about these guys. It’s about these guys who do what they are asked to do for very little money to defend and fight for what they consider to be freedom. And it’s not just for this country. It’s for the world. It is time for terrorism to stop. And the United States is the country that can stop it. And that’s what they’re doing over there.

Swill salute to the Blogfaddah.

2 Responses to “New Jersey Bruce Rocks!!”

  1. kcruella says:

    I think I’ll watch Die Hard again…. Quit going to see the other Bruce, you pay 75.00 for a nosebleedseat and then get lectured on politics. Shut up and sing.

  2. GetALifeAgain says:

    I gave up on the other Bruce over twenty years ago; he is corny. I don’t care if he does four hour concerts. It’s just that much more pablum puking.

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