Nice Little Business You Got There, Fella

Be a shame if anything…you know…should happen to it.

March 10, 2011
Mr. Tom Ellis, President
Marshall & Ilsley Corporation
770 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Dear Mr. Ellis:
As you undoubtedly know, Governor Walker recently proposed a “budget adjustment bill” to eviscerate public employees’ right to collectively bargain in Wisconsin. ..

As you also know, Scott Walker did not campaign on this issue when he ran for office. If he had, we are confident that you would not be listed among his largest contributors. As such, we are contacting you now to request your support.

The undersigned groups would like your company to publicly oppose Governor Walker’s efforts to virtually eliminate collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin. While we appreciate that you may need some time to consider this request, we ask for your response by March 17.

In the event that you do not respond to this request by that date, we will assume that you stand with Governor Walker and against the teachers, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, and other dedicated public employees who serve our communities.

In the event that you cannot support this effort to save collective bargaining, please be advised that the undersigned will publicly and formally boycott the goods and services provided by your company. However, if you join us, we will do everything in our power to publicly celebrate your partnership in the fight to preserve the right of public employees to be heard at the bargaining table…

Have a nice day.

10 Responses to “Nice Little Business You Got There, Fella”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    “In the event you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact the
    executive Director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, Jim Palmer,
    at 608.273.3840.”

    Sounds like an answering machine in dire need of stuffing full of messages.

  2. JeffS says:

    This must be the new “civility” I keep on hearing about.

    I’ll take a plate of hash instead, thanks.

  3. Dave E. says:

    At this point I say the heck with stopping at collective bargaining. It’s time to ban public employee unions entirely.

  4. Yojimbo says:

    I wonder what would happen if one of their branches was firebombed like they did in Greece. Would police and fire simply stand there and let it burn?

  5. Skyler says:

    I’m pretty sure, yojimbo, that the threat is that they would be the ones bombing it.

  6. ricki says:

    Holy crap. And they claim the unions don’t use Mafioso techniques…

  7. tree hugging sister says:

    I know, ricki! It’s almost like it should be signed, “Your Uncle Anunzio, Who Walks on His Knuckles”.

  8. Syd B. says:

    The word, “Racketeering” comes to mind. Seeing this kind of behavior/activity from authoritarian arms of the state reminds me of the old USSR during its Communist pinnacle. Its how the far left dances.

  9. Gary from Jersey says:

    I’m stuck on the idea that cops put it in writing. These people are completely out of control.

  10. Ave says:

    Merely the 2011 version of protection money. The signers are crooked, far as I can see.

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