Nine Heads in Boxes

…do not a massacre make.

Police find 9 heads in fruit boxes near Baghdad
Grisly discovery follows similar one on Saturday; bomb kills Iraqi pedestrian

Neither does the eight heads they found Saturday, the innocent twenty four killed Sunday:

Iraq gunmen kill 24 civilians at checkpoint
Gunmen dragged 24 civilians out of their cars at a makeshift checkpoint in a town north of Baghdad on Sunday and shot them “execution style”, a senior police official said.
The victims included students, children and elderly men…

little people

Mutilated and killed, Iraqi boy is sectarian victim

…or any of the current daily tally.

At least 21 dead today

Nope. “Massacre”? Hell, try to find the words “murdered”, “slaughtered”, “cold-blooded” or “homocide” anywhere in the reports, less mind “massacre“. As I’ve noticed (and the Gateway Pundit has posted) ~ even though the EVERY DAY deaths per incident is the same or worse, the EVERY DAY deeds as horrific or worse ~ in the eyes of the MSM, MASSACRE only applies…

to us.

Michelle Malkin on smears.

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