NK Missile Status

So now NK wants “direct negotiations” with the US about this

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea said Wednesday it wants direct talks with the United States over its apparent plans to test-fire a long-range missile, a day after the country issued a bristling statement in which it declared its right to carry out the launch.
Tensions in the region have soared following intelligence reports that the North was fueling a ballistic missile believed capable of reaching U.S. territory. The United States and Japan have said they could consider sanctions against the impoverished state and push the U.N. Security Council for retaliatory action should the launch go ahead.

In other words, they’re trying the old “bribe-us-to-be-good” bit which worked out so well for us with Envoy Jimmeh the last time. I hope we keep saying ‘get stuffed.’

“North Korea as a sovereign state has the right to develop, deploy, test fire and export a missile,” he said. “We are aware of the U.S. concerns about our missile test-launch. So our position is that we should resolve the issue through negotiations.”

This is really the key, isn’t it? This is the point that Bush has grasped and all too much of the West sputters on: in this day of widespread high technology and weapons that can deal death to millions half a world away can we still afford to allow nations that we can not trust to develop and export, let alone use, such weapons? I’m sorry, but the answer is quite simply “no.” We can not allow weapons of mass destruction to be built around the world, and we can not allow countries to export delivery systems for them. It is insane. The West needs to shake off its instinctive anti-US twitch and realize just what is at stake here.
Why is it that the very people who screamed the loudest for the US to destroy its nuclear weapon stocks and marched with all those paper mache heads in the 80s are now seemingly using those heads to think as they scream for Iran’s and North Korea’s “right” to have nuclear weapons of their own?
And we are the reckless cowboys?

2 Responses to “NK Missile Status”

  1. Crusader says:

    If they already fueled the missle, which I have read reports that they have, we should drag it out. They can’t leave the thing sitting for long fueled, and will either have to launch it, blink and potentially lose the missle, or risk a screw-up trying to unload the fuel. It is a win-win for us. Make ’em sweat.

  2. Sustitute “nuclear weapon” for “missile” in that statement and it’s that fuzzy faced, sweater wearing Persian talking.

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