Normally I Equate Jim Cramer With O’Reilly

You know ~ the loud, blowhard, run-everybody-over-with-your-mouth type. (“Okay. So the shark bit off your leg and you swam to shore. Then what?”)
This time Cramer brought some heat on himself that’s completely undeserved, but I sure understand why they’re pissed. The truth usually sucks at any given point, but when it’s spoken with no apology on national TV? By God, that’s more than…the National Association of Realtors should have to take.
Cramer on Homes
Cramer on Homes

One Response to “Normally I Equate Jim Cramer With O’Reilly”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Cramer needs to take better control of his vocal pitch when he gets excited.
    When he started getting shrill near the end of the clip a couple of the dogs
    in my neighborhood started running around in circles and yipping.

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