Nothing’s Ever What It Seems, Is It?

Go to dinner with David Geffen…suddenly become a rampaging anti-digital piracy crusader.

Go to dinner with Saif Gaddafi (yes, son of that Gaddafi)…suddenly a terminal mass murderer goes home to a rousing welcome.

The rich powerful are different.

Lord Mandelson met Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son at a Corfu villa only a week before the announcement that the perpetrator of the Lockerbie bombing could be released from prison, it was revealed today.

It also emerged that the business secretary met a leading Hollywood critic of illegal filesharing at the same location just days before launching a crackdown on internet piracy.

Mandelson came under fire following his stay at the Greek property of the Rothschild family in Corfu, where he was invited as part of a wider annual gathering of influential people, according to the Financial Times.

2 Responses to “Nothing’s Ever What It Seems, Is It?”

  1. greg newson says:

    This is some sick sh*t.The bomber is a hero? For what?
    Killing innocent Christians and Jews on a civilian airliner.Am
    I missing something here?
    The international money power elite are selling their souls for another few million
    in their bank accounts.Sick
    sh*t,it reinforces all those wacko conspiracy theories,doesn’t it?

  2. Dave J. says:

    Mandelson is a scumbag of the lowest order, and the real power behind Gordon Brown. Watch for legislation to allow him to disclaim his life peerage, run for a seat that vote for a ham sandwich if it was wearing a Labour Party red rosette, and try to make himself PM.

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