Now Here’s My Kind Of International Scandal

Talk about “fightin’ words”…

A French MP has said he is outraged that the song chosen to represent the nation in the Eurovision song contest has English lyrics.
Jacques Myard, of the UMP party, has urged the company that runs most of France’s TV networks to reconsider.
…Mr Myard told the BBC that allowing an English song to represent France was a fiasco: “The French language is the tool of a huge industry in terms of cultural influence and if we French give up our language, what do you think the others will say?”
Mr Myard, himself a fluent English speaker, said it was not appropriate that, in a European contest, France should “monkey another’s culture”.

Baaaad choice of words from an “outraged” Frenchman

2 Responses to “Now Here’s My Kind Of International Scandal”

  1. nightfly says:

    There’s coffee all over a thousand keyboards this morning – making your job safe for another day. Well played, Bings.

  2. Curious Jacques. I suspect you will get much mileage out of that pic.

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