Now, That’s Research!

Boozy Brits most likely to reach for the bottle
Britons are drinking more, while alcohol consumption among health-conscious French and Germans is falling as consumers increasingly turn to non-alcoholic drinks, according to new research…
…Volume sales of wine increased by an impressive 23 per cent between 1999 and 2004…
…Under the new alcohol licensing regime, from November 24 any business without a licence will not be allowed to serve alcohol. Licensed premises will also be able to apply to extend their opening hours beyond 11pm. The government claims – alongside the Portman Group, an organisation representing the UK drinks industry – that 24-hour opening will help to combat binge drinking.

In my youth, booze was available 24 hours a day, in a manner of speaking. Even as our customary haunts boarded for the night, we’d already pooled our resources and bought as many cases of Michelob as our pennies would permit. After a double check that one or two were safely on ice in the truck, the caravan headed out to the cornfields. We got pretty efficient.

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