Obvious Ill-Timed Elitest Political Pandering Aside

…how could ANYONE POSSIBLY have any kind of appetite left sitting across from Witch Boil Horse Face Sarah Jessica Parker, for God’s sake?

I mean really…in the kindest possible manner.

Nothing personal…much.

H/T Suzi

Now, Juan Williams said…It looked like the Romney Campaign planted Dr. Evil in the House of Obama….” during a Chris Wallace roundtable…

…but I just can’t get over the SJP thing.

Nope. Just can’t.

6 Responses to “Obvious Ill-Timed Elitest Political Pandering Aside”

  1. Dave E. says:

    Heh…chalk one up for Juan. Oh wait, is it okay yet to call him by his name or was I just being a racist?

  2. JeffS says:

    Oi. The smugness and condescension simply drips from that video.

    “Yeah, sweetie, we’ll let a couple of you proles rub elbows with the high and mighty for a night. Just don’t expect anyone to shake hands.”

  3. aelfheld says:

    A bag of oats, a couple of carrots, what’s offputting?

  4. mojo says:

    Fashionistas give me the galloping creeps.

  5. Kate P says:

    Is she in physical pain from having cosmetic work done? Because an unsmiling, bored-sounding invitation just doesn’t seem like the appealing kind.

    Oh, was that name-dropping supposed to be the appealing part?

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