An aquatic theme park in Australia has renamed a species of penguins on exhibit lest the birds’ real name, fairy penguins, cause offense to people in the local gay community, reports the Sunday Mail.
Managers at Sea World are now calling the species “little penguins.”

There were fairies long before the name was applied elsewhere and educated people know that. Which is why the local gay community is as baffled by this as the penguins are.
(God, they’re frickin’ adorable!)

Even local gay rights activists called the move barmy.
“I don’t think our community is that sensitive about those things. If the penguins were called poofter penguins or something more direct then it might be a problem, but I don’t see the name fairy penguin as a mickey-take at all,” said Kamahl Fox, chairman of gay support group the Gold Coast Breakers.

“Poofter penguins”, sheesh! That’s great good humor. What a bunch of goobers at the zoobers. And they’re toast if the real fairies find out. Cranky fairies, elves and their relatives can be pretty nasty.

One Response to “Oh.”

  1. Nightfly says:

    “In further news, the gay community decided that ‘little’ as a synonym for ‘gay’ was offensive after all. They called for the zoo to rename the aquatic fowl ‘mighty and empowered penguins.’ ‘They deserve their dignity even if they are a little light in the flippers,’ said a Gold Coast Breakers spokesman.”

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