Oh Domino…

Y’ah know, who’d a thunk ol’ Chimpy would get the domino-effect to work for us?

2 Responses to “Oh Domino…”

  1. Bryan Law says:

    If you want more of my (hippy bludger wanker half-baked uninformed ideas) better come to web diary.
    Andrea doesnt like very luch. Big surprise

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Actually, I don’t. I thought your ideas made absolutely no sense and had no logical flow to them, and the more I read of your activities in your community the more I realized that you are completely divorced from reality and totally wrapped up in your own arrogance. Or you just need to take a big shit. The jury’s still out on that, I reckon.
    Having said that, you have a perfect right to express your opinion as long as, and this is always the difficult part for folks such as yourself who just know they are right, you are willing to grant that same right to others.

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