Oh, Here We Go…

The Case of the Secret Memo
The White House denies plans to bomb Al-Jazeera. But a warning sent out to British newspaper editors has given the controversy a fresh twist.
Nov. 30, 2005 – A British government crackdown on government leaks may have backfired by calling world attention to an ultrasensitive secret memo whose alleged contents have embarrassed President George W. Bush and strained relations between London and Washington. The document allegedly recounts a threat last year by Bush to bomb the head office of the Arabic TV news channel Al-Jazeera.

I’ll betcha one of Mr. Summers‘ Janeane Garofolo blow-up dolls I know exACTLY what President Bush said about blowing up Al-Jazeera.
UPDATE: Hmmph! Imagine that. When I first posted this it was fresh to the headline territory on MSNBC.com. Now it’s gone completely from the front page.

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