Oh, I Just Love This

Israel has to say ExCUSE me…, ’cause, like, the U.N. says so.

A UNESCO panel has urged Israel to immediately halt archaeological work at a Jerusalem holy site that has angered Muslims around the world.
A report for the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, released in Paris on Wednesday, said Israel should have sought the advice of international organizations before it started the archaeological work.

Someone please…refresh my memory. What exactly were the Taliban saying when the WORLD begged them NOT to blow the big Buddhas of Bamiyan to smithereens? I think “bite me” was in there somewhere…

…Once a stop on the trade route between China, India and Europe, Afghanistan was home to a vibrant Buddhist culture centuries before Islam’s dominance and even its birth. Artifacts from the archaeological sites of Bamiyan and the museums of the capital, Kabul, are reminders of the fact that land is older than factions, that civilizations great and small flower briefly then fade away.
And so, last week, in an ongoing attempt to prove that the fate of the Islamic Emirate will be otherwise, the Taliban demolished the Buddhas of Bamiyan, two massive statues (one standing 170′, the other 120′) carved from the stone cliffs that frame the valley 100 miles from Kabul.
“These idols have been gods of the infidels,” the New York Times reported one senior Taliban official declaring. Politics being politics whatever the religion, while one spouted off, another provided spin — like this from Qudratulla Jamal, the Taliban minister of information and culture:
It’s not a big issue. The statues are objects only made of mud or stone.

Right ~ mud and stone. Like your mosque, n’est pas? So, chill out already in Jerusalem. I may not be the biggest fan of Israeli policy in the world, but I WILL state my unequivocable belief in their esteem for ALL things ancient and holy. So your al-Aqsa will remain unscathed and the world will be a little wiser. What’s to lose? And people are getting a little tired of the whole ‘Muslim outrage’ thing.

…The latest crisis began when Israeli authorities started rebuilding and extending a pedestrian ramp which rises to the Mugrabi Gate, an entrance that allows tourists to view the gardens of the sacred Muslim precinct, the silver al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, a shrine clad with turquoise mosaics and topped with a glowing, golden dome. The ramp is a simple piece of construction that will rest on seven concrete pillars. A 2004 earthquake and a snowstorm had damaged the old pedestrian bridge. But with tension running high between Israelis and Palestinians, the repair work has become a volatile religious issue, one that radical Muslim clerics are using to whip up more hatred against Israel.

You don’t get to be pissed off about every farging thing that happens and throw rocks when your blind sheiks/catmeat imams tell you to have a cow, especially in places you SHARE with, like, OTHER people. Honestly, without their snorting fire, would you have even given a whoowah someone was fixing a ramp? (Palestinian gunman scuttling into the Church of the Nativity ring any bells? That’s a Christian site, right? Bush drop any bombs when ya’ll violated our digs? And not with trowels, but with GUNS? That would be a ‘NOT’.) I’d follow the Steve Martin Crime Stopper oath in your case ~

“Repeat after me: I promise NOT to repeat things other people say…”

It’s not religion, dudes ~ it’s HISTORY. And that makes it ALL of ours. So BTFO, STFU, grow up and get a grip. You think Israel is the root of all your problems? Israel is your excuse ~ the bogeyman heading your pity syndrome. Quit throwing rocks, get an education, quit voting for criminals and quit killing your neighbor because he doesn’t want to play your games anymore or because he’s a Jew. Become a state ~ a place where your children can grow and learn something other than how to dress up like suicide bombers. How come the Kurds can pull it together so quickly? Nobody wants them either, remember. How could the Lebanese people peacefully throw off the Syrian yoke? (And the destruction? Brought about by those same fellas you all are so fond of. Weird how that works.) You are your own worst enemies and trust me ~ there are no WORSE enemies than what you’re doing to yourself and allowing others in your culture to do to you. Sympathy meter’s pegged. Sorry.

4 Responses to “Oh, I Just Love This”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    As my bride said the other night, “I’m sorry, but there ought to be a statute of limitations on historical grievences, like about 1 generation.”

  2. John says:

    But the South will rise again … 😉

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    The South already has, John. It’s a much better place to live and work now than the North is, plus with all the military bases down there it would kick the beejeebus out of the North now.

  4. Mike says:

    Problem with that theory Mr. Bingley, is that the north has migrated to the south. So for the south to invade the north would merely be nothern expats returning home for a vacation, most likely in the summer and most likely returning to the south in the winter. Seems to be a net sum zero gain….

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