Oh, I’ll Bet

…it was in ‘protest’. Amazing how many converts to a cause you can find if they get to walk out of class to do it.

At least 14,000 mostly Hispanic students stormed out of school classes across Los Angeles in a snowballing protest against Washington’s plans for a draconian crackdown on illegal immigration.
Local news reports said that “tens of thousands of students” were taking part in the protest that was spreading through schools across the country’s second largest city ahead of a US Senate debate on a divisive immigration reform bill.

5 Responses to “Oh, I’ll Bet

  1. NJ Sue says:

    It’s called truancy. I hope those kids were over 16. If any of the younger ones gets injured in any way during their “protest,” then the parents will sue the school for not protecting them during school hours.
    Is it just me, or is there something thuggish about non-citizens, who don’t vote or pay taxes, taking to the street to protest laws made on behalf of citizens? It takes some gall. Clearly some of these students missed their high school civics class.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Bad news, our congressman have surrendered our borders…

  3. What a sorry bunch of kiss a$$es. I wish I could get over that easy for a speeding ticket, for God’s sake.

  4. nobrainer says:

    A “draconian crackdown on illegal immigration?”
    If it’s already illegal, I believe the adjective modifying “crackdown” should be “overdue.”

  5. Oh, you are so dead on, NB.

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