Oh, Right ~ “Allergies”

My dying a$$. Peanuts cost more than pretzels. Hello, I can do the math.

2 Responses to “Oh, Right ~ “Allergies””

  1. nobrainer says:

    “peanut allergy groups expressed their members’ fears of a dangerous in-flight reaction.”
    There are peanut allergy groups?
    And I’m assuming for a dangerous in-flight reaction to occur, one of these peanut-heads would have to be eating peanuts… surely the airlines fault.
    “We are trying to help a large percentage of the population.”
    What, prey tell, is a “large percentage?”
    Oh well, I think it’s time for the Government to kill all the plants in the country to prevent the pain felt by so many with pollen allergies. While they’re at it, they can go ahead and off all the cats, too.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Nobrainer, during my years at Virginia I was quite involved with The Committee to Pave the Lawn. Our plan to AstroTurf™ it would have spared so many poor students the horrors of allergies, yet we were consistantly denied funding. The fascist bastards!

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