Oh, To Be Young Again!

And have someone else paying the bills for the roadtrip, yo.

Young Republican Road Trip
…”People don’t realize the Republican Party is very appealing to young people,” says Donnelly. “The Republican Party is not just one demographic, it’s not old white men.”

When I was their age, the GOP WAS old white men who truly could give a rat’s ass about the ‘young’ party members, and they sure weren’t gonna fund an outreach trip for me. (Which, after decades of reflection, was probably a good thing. It would have been more of a Hunter Thompson than Liddy Dole trip.) But had they opened their campaign funds and broken out a shiny, new BancAmericard for my petrol and motor-inn bed, I am QUITE sure that I wouldn’t have found the opposition in the cities of my sojourn to be so…nasty. People had manners and seem to be sorely lacking them now.

…Privileged White Suburbanites?

The trio stopped briefly in Denver to try to woo swing voters. Most Denver Democrats were friendly, they said, though they did field a few insults for supporting McCain. Predictably, there were harsher words from commenters to the Web site, including some who couldn’t understand why young people would vote Republican. At the Democratic convention, one attendee accused the group of being privileged white suburban kids who were too racist to vote for a minority.
Harrell, who is Hispanic, felt personally offended.

Perhaps they just feel they’re entitled to say so, in as sneering and demeaning a tone as possible. Here’s more on that confrontation via the road tripper’s website:

…There was a group of about 30 McCain volunteers (including myself) walking throughout the city to show that there was a conservative presence here in Denver. We stopped at a corner to rest for a few minutes when two men approached us. They said that they didn’t want any trouble; they just wanted to ask us why we supported John McCain? A few of us expressed our views and ultimately the two men accused us of not supporting Senator Obama because he was black (despite explaining multiple of his policies we vastly disagreed with). We asserted that race was certainly not the reason we supported John McCain, and subsequently were mobbed by about 10 people around us screaming how we didn’t know any minorities, were racist etc…
Generally, I would let these kind of comments go, but I have really had it up with being accused of being racist, so I responded “Hi, my name is Jeremy, I am Hispanic, my mother and grandparents immigrated to the United States from Argentina. “ One of the CRNC field reps, Brandon, also stepped forward and told the group that he too was Hispanic, Puerto Rican. We were then pushed and yelled at, told that Hispanic is not a real minority, and that we were sellouts who made over $100,000.

What IS it with these Lefties and them agressively putting their hands on people? (I subscribe to the Francis* theory of space violation.) And funny how they can shove at everyone! The rich [supposedly these kids], the rubes [Gov. Palin] and judge the not-quite-authentic claims of minority entitlement…

…For a moment, the Ethiopian-born activist seemed to melt into the crowd, blending into the sea of black professors, health experts and community leaders considering how to educate blacks about the dangers of prostate cancer. But when he piped up to suggest focusing some attention on African immigrants, the dividing lines were promptly and pointedly drawn.
The focus of the campaign, the activist, Abdulaziz Kamus, was told, would be strictly on African-Americans.
”I said, ‘But I am African and I am an American citizen; am I not African-American?”’ said Mr. Kamus, who is an advocate for African immigrants here, recalling his sense of bewilderment.

”They said ‘No, no, no, not you.

…up to, and including

“Black, in our political and social vocabulary, means those descended from West African slaves,”

…questions about their own Chosen One!

Is Obama Black Enough?

Now THAT’S the party of inclusiveness.

* Francis from “Stripes”: “And I don’t like nobody touching me. Any of you homos touch me, and I’ll kill you.

4 Responses to “Oh, To Be Young Again!”

  1. Skyler says:

    Obama is in the latter category. He’s descended from those who sold their neighbors into slavery. And now he wants to enslave our children with mandatory labor quotas in school. He’s really quite a strange bird.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Now Skyler, really, it’s ‘compulsory volunteerism.’

  3. Dave J says:

    “Black, in our political and social vocabulary, means those descended from West African slaves,”
    Actually, even that’s too broad, because sometimes, when convenient, “black” also sort of doesn’t include Haitians or West Indians (Jamaicans, Bahamians, Trinidadians, etc.), who are also descended from West African slaves. Here in south Florida, those groups often hate “American” blacks (and each other).

  4. Dave J says:

    “He’s descended from those who sold their neighbors into slavery.”
    Yes, although since his father was Kenyan, the people his ancestors sold much more likely wound up enslaved by Arab, Turkish or Persian owners than in the Western Hemisphere. That means that at least the men they sold were generally castrated to be kept as eunuchs, and have no descendants. The womens’ descendants gradually just blended into the overall melting pot of the Middle East.

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