OMGZ It’s A Hate Crime!!!!!!!!!

Except when it’s, er, not

It wasn’t a hate crime — it was pure revenge.

A deranged Queens man confessed yesterday to a series of Molotov-cocktail attacks on New Year’s Day, telling cops he was hellbent on getting even for perceived slights at each target, sources told The Post.

During a fiery rampage that stretched from 8 p.m. to 10:15 p.m., the alleged firebomber, Ray Lazier Lengend, got back at a Jamaica Islamic center for not letting him use the bathroom, settled two personal beefs, and took out his frustration on a deli owner who caught him shoplifting.

I was suspicious of this when I first heard about it. All the usual political and “community” creatures came out expressing their OUTRAGE at this HATE CRIME. Yesterday when the police announced they had detained someone but didn’t release any details on the person then you just knew they were trying to figure out the spin on it to feed their agenda…and they failed. So on the radio this morning the first story was about how they had arrested the suspect but they gave zero details…and then they quickly switched to the California Car-B-Q-er arrest, giving of course full details on his name, nationality etc.


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