On His Way to LAS VEGAS, Mind You

…the Douche-in-Chief offers another of his profound opinions on recent tragic world events.

Jeeps, if he isn’t the cleverest thing eh-vah.

What an ass.

4 Responses to “On His Way to LAS VEGAS, Mind You”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Won’t Romney just let him enjoy his fundraisers without all these petty distractions? Really.

  2. JeffS says:

    President Zero’s “Ready, Fire, Aim!” comment is projection on his part.

  3. Gunslinger says:

    Too bad for Obama that Romney scored a bullseye. Of course with a target that big aiming is really an afterthought.

  4. leelu says:

    That sucking sound you hear is the vacuum around the empty chair in the Oval Office. Apparently, 24/7, 365 these days.

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