On the Upside…

Oil eases on small stockpile drain
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Oil eased on Thursday after data showed U.S. crude oil and gasoline stockpiles had not drained as much as expected after Hurricane Katrina.
U.S. light crude was off 82 cents at $63.55 a barrel by 1730 GMT, after dropping more than $1 to $63.10. The market has fallen more than 10 percent from a record $70.85 last week, after industrialized nations began to tap emergency reserves to ease the U.S. supply crunch

“Stockpiles had not drained as much as expected” because NO ONE in BANGLA-COLA could buy gas! It’s not rocket science, people. Although we’d settle for rocket fuel, right about now. You guys owe us. BIG time.

2 Responses to “On the Upside…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    I tried mailing you some but there were, er, some issues. Now my postman is pissed off, even though I told him it would grow back…

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