Once You Gather the Pieces of Your Exploded Head

The Greater Threat: Christian Extremism From Timothy McVeigh to Anders Breivik

Timothy McVeigh, meet Anders Behring Breivik.

Those two jihadists—two right-wing reactionaries, two terrorists, two anti-government white supremacists, two Christians—have a lot in common, down to the way the massacres they carried out were first mistaken for the work of Islamists by an American press rich in zealotry of its own. And they have a lot more in common with the fundamentalist politicians and ideologues among us who pretend to have nothing to do with the demons they inspire.

…Islamists who may want us harm need only sit back and enjoy the view. They might as well have outsourced the job to their Christian brethren, with plenty of assists from mainstream conservatives. There’s no segregating these demons and maniacs. They’re an integral part of western culture. They’re us.

…take comfort in knowing that the author is safe in a beautiful Flagler Beach, FL rainbow unicorn house, busily equating Sarah Palin with Nordic mass murderers. (“Mainstream conservatives”? Oh, come on. Can’t even give me one vicious, “far-right-wing attack dog”? “MAINSTREAM”?!?!?!)

He’s obviously missed the part where, even if it were TRUE that both these monsters were “Christians” ~ and by no definition were they ~ NO CHRISTIAN in the world has come forward to stand proudly beside them and revel in their heinous, evil and unspeakable deeds.

Not one. And they never will.

Unlike the Islamic monsters who took down the World Trade Center, for instance.

I haven’t fingers and toes enough to count the Muslim countries that rejoiced in that destruction…in that carnage. Whose tens of thousands of citizens flooded the streets in rapturous celebration at the DEATH wrought upon American innocents that day by their “MUSLIM martyrs”. Even those Islamic countries who technically stand “with” us experienced the same revolting displays of sheer euphoria at the terrible blow Muslims, MUSLIMS struck the United States.

“No segregating” these “demons and maniacs”?

Ignorant ass.

It’s clear as blood on snow.

2 Responses to “Once You Gather the Pieces of Your Exploded Head”

  1. How fast they are to call them “Christians”, and how slow they are to identify the islamojihadists as muslim.

  2. Mark Reardon says:

    As Kathy Shaidle says, be sure to send me a link whenever you find the you tube of Christians dancing in the streets over this.

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