One Homeless Guy In A Wheelchair Vs 10 Members Of The LAPD

“He’s coming right for us!!!”

LOS ANGELES ( — Authorities say they are investigating an incident involving officers believed to have used bean-bag rounds and a Taser on a homeless man in a wheelchair.

Officers allege that the man later identified as Christopher Zareck, 43, tried to attack them, but their actions are being criticized.

…The footage shows 10 LAPD officers surrounding Zareck, and shouts can be heard.
Two bean bags are then heard being fired at the man before a third round is discharged, according to the footage.
Zareck, still in a wheelchair, appears to kick his legs and scream, at which point officers move in and subdue him with a Taser, reported CBS2’s Peter Daut.

3 Responses to “One Homeless Guy In A Wheelchair Vs 10 Members Of The LAPD”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    OTOH, I’m in a wheelchair at the moment (I’m using it as a desk chair), though mostly on a cane and/or crutches, due to some stupidity and a fall. That does NOT mean I’m harmless.

    And I suspect that suspect wasn’t either.

    To be completely politically incorrect here…on as many levels as I can manage in a soundbite: “cripple” is NOT EQUAL to “harmless”.

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