One Little Sentence Caught My Eye

…in this article about Obama not being Muslim.

…Kerry’s note was titled “Swiftboating” — a reference to Kerry’s own presidential campaign in 2004, which was famously sunk by falsities spread by the lobbying group Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth. Many politicos believe that Kerry’s decision not to “dignify” the rumors and fight them aggressively contributed to his campaign’s defeat in the general election.

What was ‘false’ about what the Swifties presented? I don’t remember hearing anything besides Kerry sputtering they were lying, or his supporters trying to prove they were, all the while refusing to release his service records. Remember this?

In an irregular response to a government records request, the Navy’s letter referred Judicial Watch to the Kerry campaign Internet site for “Numerous responsive U.S. Navy service record documents, as well as service record documents not subject to disclosure requirements under the FOIA . . .

And ~ as of Nov. 17, 2007 ~ according to the NY Post and T. Boone Pickens, he STILL hasn’t proved the Swift Boat Veterans told a single lie.)

Am I wrong here? Shouldn’t ‘The Swifties LIED’ be right up there with ‘The Plastic Turkey’?

2 Responses to “One Little Sentence Caught My Eye”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    You think so, Sis, but a lot of lefties still believe that turkey was indeed plastic. What’s wrong with one more false meme being pushed by lyin’ lefties?

  2. mojo says:

    What is it they call people who make decisions based on a false picture of reality?
    Oh yeah – “Insane”…

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