One Missile Can Ruin Your Whole Commute

And I ain’t talking Beirut.

NEW YORK (WCBS-AM) — A motor vehicle incident involving a tractor-trailer and a flat-bed truck had closed Interstate Highway 95 Southbound in The Bronx. Cars are now rollling again.
The New York City Police Department has confirmed that one of the vehicles was carrying “inert ordinance.” WCBS reporter Sean Adams has gotten confirmation from the New York City Fire Department that the cargo of the flat-bed was a Tomahawk missile. It is important to emphasize that the missile was not armed.

Talk about some serious road-rage potential…

One Response to “One Missile Can Ruin Your Whole Commute”

  1. carrying “inert ordinance.”
    Howard Dean? Nancy Pelosi? They need to see my seat belt video…

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