Operation Twelv Fourteen Marines of Christmas

UPDATE: DaveE asked me about it and I just filled out seven of them, soooo…to save you all time, THIS is the customs form you’ll need for packages. And use those Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes. They just saved me a fortune. Again.
You guys ROCK!! Thanks again to Susanna for the Flat Rate Priority Mail Box. $7.70 no matter what and for all you can stuff in it. In my case, that was 14 pounds at the Post Office a minute ago! Wowsahs! If you’ve adopted one (or two or THREE!!) of our Leathernecks, thank you so, SO much. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you all ~ like GALA, Suzette, Wonderkraut, DaveE, on and on!! We can never express our gratitude in sufficient terms for your generosity of spirit and warmth of character. We have such deelightful Swillers, we really do.

If you find you have a couple extra minutes and a couple extra Christmas cards and need a couple names, well, send me an email, lol!
If you’re wondering what the HECK I’m talking about, please read on. We can never have too much help or too much going to the unit. It will ALL get used by someone.
UPDATEand BUMP: Here’s the link for the USPS postage calculations. That PriMail Flat Rate box I sent today for $7.70 would have cost me $26.95 regular Priority! In the words of the Monkeys ~ “I’m a believer!”

15 Responses to “Operation Twelv Fourteen Marines of Christmas”

  1. WunderKraut says:

    $7.70 did rock! 5 magazines, one book, a crossword puzzle book 7 DVD’s and 2 bags of Jolly Ranchers candy. Cant beat it.
    I may just have to send him another package, just to screw the US Postal Sevice!

  2. Oh, outstanding use of available resources, Kraut!!
    Mine was like a brick. I was scared to drop it ’cause if it hit my foot, I was a gonner.

  3. Suzette says:

    Now I’m not saying that I would ever do this – I’m just reporting what I heard, but I would be interested in your reaction:
    My best friend is married to a Marine Vietnam Vet and his nephew just got back from a tour through Iraq. When he was over there, she used to empty out mouthwash bottles and refill them with something enjoyable to drink. Word is that those care packages were really, really, REALLY appreciated.

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I got a great thank you note from “my” Marine. God knows these sort of packages helped me get through my tour, and I was a bona fide REMF. I’m delighted to return the favor.

  5. Cindermutha says:

    My box is about halfway full. I’m going to pick up some magazines. Will M&Ms travel well? I know its a VERY BAD idea in the summer here, but its been cool. I have a buttload of Halloween candy that would be great for stuffing in the remaining air pockets.

  6. I stuck bags of M&M’s in my boxes, CM. It’s getting cool/cold there now, so chocolate melting everywhere isn’t such a big deal. As well as Halloween Snickers and Twix. {8^P

  7. kcruella says:

    I have 3 boxes of books that will be going to the care of the good Lt Sara this weekend. Everything from history to bad horror, but no mush books. Sent one package to the Sgt already and will be sending another by Monday.

  8. NO MUSH BOOKS ??!!!!!
    Oh, I know you’ve always turned your little Steven King, Clive Barker nose up at them, but DANG! I’ll bet you’re saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”, too, right?
    Sometimes it’s not all about you, ya know.

  9. Cindermutha says:

    Should I include a game of Pass the Pigs or would that be culturally insensitive? For those who aren’t familiar with it, it comes with two little rubbery pigs that you roll like dice and you get points based on how they land. It morphs nicely into a drinking game for the future (not that I would ever know about such a thing)

  10. Oh my God, where do you find this stuff?? I sent PEZ dispensers and thought I was clever…

  11. Mr. Bingley says:

    Oh my god, Cinder I loved that game in college! It was called “pigmania” then. the best roll of the pigs was called “makin’ bacon”, and I’ll bet most of you can figure out the position of the two pigs…

  12. Some well spent UVA tuition money, that.

  13. Cindermutha says:

    I have yet to get “makin bacon” but I am the queen of the snouters. I’m off to Toys R Us tomorrow then. Oh no. It’s Saturday tomorrow. I’m going to sit curled up in the corner and rock back and forth to get ready for the madness.

  14. Mr. Bingley says:

    I mailed off 4 boxes over the weekend. Those flat-rate boxes are awesome!!

  15. Jack Handy says:

    My friend is out in Iraq right now and he says it is very cold there. Some things that you might want to send over are sweaters beanies, things to keep them warm. I know that a lot of the guys he wroks with are from the New Engalnd Area, Go Boston! If you would like to send some things that way, send me an email and I’ll tell you the item they have requested.

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