Operation Twelve Marines of Christmas


For many Marines in this unit, including several of my Marines, this is their third deployment in 3 years and at least the second Christmas in a row they’ve missed. I can definitely give you some suggestions for things we’d like/need/want out here: RedBull, beef jerky, hard candy, movies, music, packs of tuna, oatmeal, healthy snacks, magazines, and good books. Honestly, they said don’t send a ton of cookies, because around Christmas-time we get inundated with those sort of things from groups and they are trying to be healthy! (from my Marines! {:^) ). It is cold here already and the rainy season will start soon. We are supposed to be here until early/mid March. Um… let’s see, I’m trying to think of other stuff that might be relevant or helpful. I think that’s about it for now. Honestly, though, ANYthing you guys send will be AWESOME. And, yes, letters and cards from people, even though they don’t know them, are always great, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Wise words from Cullen

I read one to two books a day over there because of the availability.
Hard candy and beef jerkey is great. Do they have access to microwaves? Microwave Mac and cheese was a great thing. The things my wife sent me most were coffee, Mac and cheese and magazines. Cookies and such are nice, but like Sarah said, it’s hard to stay in shape there esp. ’cause you can’t keep a regular PT program going a lot of the time.

and a really good question about hand held games from Faith (which jeffS says they love, but adds “Don’t forget to send along extra batteries!”) got me thinking I needed to email Sarah again…

Yes, hot cocoa is great. Also, tea and coffee are consumed in large amounts here. We do have microwaves, or, at a minimum, the ability to make hot water in a coffee pot and pour it on oatmeal, mac n’ cheese, tea, etc. Oh and as far as movies go, if people want to send those, tell them to send DVD’s not VHS. Everyone out here has either a laptop or DVD player to watch movies on.

I guess I need to actually write up a suggestions list, since there are so many different things one could send that would help out.
(A THS P.S.: Add corn nuts and sunflower seeds to the list, too)
This is a list I asked Sarah to work up, for all of those other things they might need/like that you all have been asking me about ~ and I don’t have a clue! Now, don’t think you can’t send cookies if you’d planned to! We’ve got a great diversity of folks all doing different things, so there’s not going to be millions from us and it’s gonna work out fabulously, I just know it. If you all could let me know what you decide to send your Marine(s), I’ll do a running ledger and try to keep things even-steven. Don’t worry about letting me know if you’re sending cards/notes ~ that’s icing on the cake and we so appreciate everything you all do.

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  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I’ll endorse what LT Sarah says about sending anything. I was a bona fide REMF, but boredom is universal, and can be depressing. A package with a letter goes a long, long way, no matter from whom. I was fortunate enough to get a lot of packages from many friends and family members, and I made a point of sharing the loot, mostly for morale, but also because I could use everything!!!! 8^D
    A few other items that may or may not be necessary, not knowing the PX facilities there: AA batteries; inexpensive electronic games (the sort you might buy for a car trip), with batteries; and hot chocolate.
    If you can, pack your stuff into sealable plastic bags; those are useful for a number of purposes, not least of which includes carrying goodies around during a duty shift.

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