That’s all I’m saying.
Update: Alright, I can’t resist; I’m weak.

“The last time that I checked a nipple was not a dangerous weapon.”

These look pretty dangerous.
Stand back and no one will get hurt!

10 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. WunderKraut says:

    Someone had a great photo shop of that picture that had Hillary’s hand reaching around for a feel.

  2. Skyler says:

    The look on Hillary’s face is priceless.
    But I honestly don’t understand a lot of things in life and I live most of my existence in a state of perpetual puzzlement. For instance, I don’t understand bras.
    Yeah, I know, if they’re too big they need support. But Natalie’s in this picture are not too big, they’re pretty much perfect. So why would she need to wear a bra? She has astronaut tits, they look the same in zero G. And seeing as how she goes into space alot in Star Wars, that seems appropriate.
    I think the modern requirement to wear a bra, even for women not even remotely requiring it is silly. Or it’s a conspiracy. I’m not sure which.
    As for the TSA, how much more examples of idiocy do we need before we get rid of them all? They keep saying that they’re there to make us safe, but I don’t know how anyone should feel safe with these morons as the gate keepers.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    I think the guiding philosophy behind TSA is “if we hassle every one they’ll think we’re actually doing something.”

  4. Dave E. says:

    re: the Hillary pic, I thought that only happened to deer.

  5. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Kinda sort O/T, but take a guess at my favorite sentence in this article might be.

  6. ricki says:

    (I may regret bringing this up but, hell, it’s Friday):
    Skyler, my understanding* is that support of those tissues prevent them from sagging, and the connective tissue from stretching. So you don’t go from, say, a 34B to a 38 Long later in life.
    I don’t know; ever since age 14 I’ve failed “the pencil test” so I’ve been dependent on ’em.
    But I have to admit the “headlight” look is NOT appealing. At least not to me. Put some band-aids on those things or something; someone could put their eye out.
    (*Which may have just been propaganda from the lingerie-industrial complex, I don’t know, but the “facts” I was given seem to make sense)

  7. NJ Sue says:

    You have to have really small breasts to get away with not wearing a bra on a regular basis; otherwise, gravity, pregnancy and nursing will take their toll. Remember all those pictures of tribal women in the old National Geographics? That’s life without a bra.

  8. That 1 Guy says:

    There are worse ways to lose an eye…

  9. Skyler says:

    Ricki, you’re probably right, but the headlight look is mighty fine.

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