Our Favorite Ultimate Moral Authority

…made front page Drudge again. I am weak and had to click through. (C’mon, I mean it’s been weeks without her!) To my utter satisfaction, I found refreshing proof of media bias in the AP story and can therefore claim I was ‘researching’. My report:

She and more than 300 others were arrested as they gathered near an entrance to the White House grounds. Each carried a board bearing the name of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.
The arrests outside the White House concluded a weekend of protests that drew over 100,000 anti-war activists, and a smaller group of counterprotesters. It was the largest anti-war demonstration* since the Vietnam War.

Bushies just can’t rally the base. Probably because we have jobs, like the cops and Park Service that baby sat your loser butts that whole weekend. (*To be as fair as the AP author has been, there hasn’t been a “war” of any duration TO protest since Vietnam. Duh.) A smidge further down…

But dozens of residents in the rural area complained of noise and traffic congestion as the protesters pitched tents in shallow ditches about 2 1/2 miles away from the ranch. Some traffic was from counter protests of hundreds of Bush supporters who said Sheehan’s group was hurting troop morale.
A month later, McLennan County commissioners approved the new ordinances, which prohibit parking on parts of 14 roads near the ranch _ roughly a 5-mile radius _ and prohibit camping in any county ditch. The laws also ban portable toilets in ditches.

So it wasn’t the thousands of Mother Sheehan synchophants, Jesse Jackson followers, Joan Baez and media both national and international that drove the neighbors bonkers; it was the Bushies that broke the camel’s back. I hadn’t realized there were enough normal types there to even be counted from what I saw on the news at the time.

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  1. Ken Summers says:

    Start packing, Cindy.

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