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With much of his city still vacant, Nagin launched his campaign. “My big message is: You can come back to the city,” Nagin told a group of about 40 at a shelter here, a three-hour drive from New Orleans. He urged the crowd to “get back to the red beans and rice and gumbo and all those things that you love.”

Let’s ask the Mayor when his family’s comin’ back from the new digs in Dallas, shall we? I mean, if it’s so great and all. He’s also touting how safe the streets are.

Crime is lower than it has been in a hundred years, he told the crowd

(Duh, they ate the criminals and the city’s a GHOST TOWN.) It’s falling on deaf ears because, while businesses are desperate for workers, there’s no place to live if you go back. Then again, a lot of the folks who’d never gotten out of New Orleans before in their lives are pretty happy where they’ve wound up. Of course the picture wouldn’t be complete without the whack jobs like:

…Cyril Neville. The youngest Neville Brother walked onstage at Madison Square Garden wearing a silent message on his T-shirt: “Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans.”

WTF is THAT all about? Inferring there was a white fellow sitting in the center of the hurricane, with a sh$tload of steering levers and a big red arrow pointing to NOLA? Mr. Neville, after making that amazing statement onstage, has a distinctly underdeveloped social conscience, since he’s moved his family PERMANENTLY to Austin, with this in explanation…

Truth is, I was planning on leaving even before the storm hit, because I was so ashamed of the city. … Living there was just too hard,” he says.
“The school system was shot. Talking to city hall about the needs of the needy was like talking to deaf people. And I didn’t want to watch the news anymore because night after night it was murder after murder and anarchy and chaos. The second I’d get back to the airport, I felt like I was in a pressure cooker.”

This is where the cutesy ‘ethnic cleansing’ T gets really confusing. Anarchy? Chaos? Ignoring the needy? City Hall “full of deaf people”? But those ‘deaf people’ were also BLACK elected officials, Mr. Neville, last I looked anyway. And had been for years. So what sort of ignorant, race baiting stunt was that f*cked up T shirt of yours, when you can’t even be bothered to try to be part of the solution? Easier to throw those Molotovs from your safe little perch than get your priveleged hands dirty, eh? Too HARD? For a millionaire? You’re pathetic.
I Gotta Add This:

…and (Spike) Lee said his film will even consider whether the government’s response was deliberately slow.
“I don’t find it too far-fetched that they tried to displace all the black people out of New Orleans,” he said.

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  1. Crusader says:

    Yeah, but Nagin used to be an “R”, so he is not really black, dontcha know.

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