Our Prayers Are With Our English Friends

Reports are coming in that suicide bombers may have been involved. Sadly, it was only a matter of time until something like this happened. We must redouble our efforts to hunt down and exterminate these scum and those that support them.
Bastards. Are they still ‘minute men’, you fat piece of shit Michael Moore?
Update: Wunder Kraut has some good thoughts on this.
UpdateUpdate: And for gosh sakes go read Nightfly.

8 Responses to “Our Prayers Are With Our English Friends”

  1. The Real JeffS says:


  2. London Bombings

    I am writing this post before we actually know who is responsible for the London bombings. There are three possibilities: IRA radicals, Anarchists or Al-Qaeda/Muslim extremists.
    My bet: Al-Qaeda/Muslim extremists.
    I could be wrong and if I am, I …

  3. WunderKraut says:

    Bastards was the same word that came to my mind.
    I may risk having a Fatwa issued against me but I have some strong opinions on the subject.

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Well said Wunder.

  5. Faith says:

    Amen. Regarding Michael Moore- what’s the plural for doofus?

  6. Crusader says:

    I just hope the death toll does not get much higher. The reports I heard from a witness to the bus said the top and rear just blew off. Animals….

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