Outback Steakhouse Gets My Support

Good On Ya

Nine years ago, an idea was hatched at Outback headquarters to send meals to troops in combat, starting with Afghanistan in 2002.

Outback co-founder, Trudy Cooper, told me that it was a natural thing to do since their headquarters is so close to MacDill Air Force Base.

“We already serve meals to our military, how hard could it be to take them meals where they fight?” she asked.

And that’s just what they did. Outback actually drove their catering truck into the back of a C-17 and flew it to Afghanistan in what they called Operation Feeding Freedom. Since that day, OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC (which includes Outback Steakhouse, Carraba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, and Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine), has traveled every year to feed the troops abroad. And they do it without publicizing their efforts.

“We love our military,” Cooper said soon after her and her staff taking meals to wounded troops here on KAF.

Good people doing good things deserve our support. Thanks, outback. you’ll be getting my business.

But just not at the Carraba’s in our town; the food there stinks. 🙂 We have an Outback and they’re opening up a Bonefish close to the house,

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6 Responses to “Outback Steakhouse Gets My Support”

  1. I lurve Bonefish – where is it going to be?

    Also, wither thou Sonic?

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s going right next to the Commie Store Whole Foods on Rt. 35 North in Middletown.

  3. JeffS says:

    I’ll have to hit Outback more often…..

  4. major dad says:

    Carraba’s is a hit or miss joint, more misses usually. Bonefish here is okay. Haven’t been to a Fleming’s but I will say Outback has gotten much better. I haven’t had a bad meal there is quite sometime.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    I think my Bride has been to a Flemings and found it quite acceptable.

  6. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Outback I like. Not really Aussie – but still good food.

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