Paging Ollie North

Round Two seems to have started.

Group: Sandinista Leader Ortega Wins Nicaragua Presidency
Leftist Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega appeared Monday to have easily defeated four other presidential candidates in his long quest to return to power 16 years after a U.S.-backed rebellion helped force him from office, according to a respected electoral observer group projecting victory based on a sampling of the votes.

Sweet Jesus. Who woulda thunk it? Not Ollie North.

…The prospect has horrified Mr North, who is now a conservative political commentator and activist. He told Nicaraguan television it would be “the worst thing” and was cause for concern. “My hope is that the people of Nicaragua are not going to return to that. That’s not good for your country. That’s not good for my country.”
The Sandinista leader, 60, still has the moustache but has renounced revolutionary Marxism and promised to rule as a centrist moderate and reconciler. His campaign uses pastel pink and John Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance anthem.

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