That’s the only word that describes these supposed “leaders” of ours

The deficit-cutting congressional supercommittee is expected to announce tomorrow that it has failed to reach agreement on at least $1.2 trillion in federal budget savings, a Democratic aide said.

All they do is pimp and pose for sound bites. They can’t agree on $1.2 trillion in “cuts” over 10 years…while the current administration is over spending by $1.6 trillion every single year.

It’s disgusting and pathetic, and we need to get rid of all of them next year.

6 Responses to “Pathetic”

  1. Syd B. says:

    I’m currently enjoying a golf trip in Ko Olina, Oahu and staying in the same hotel where Obama stayed during last week’s Summit meetings. A
    couple of interesting stories from the staff. Firstly, the guys in the pro shop at the golf course said that they had to shut down the course for six hours to accommodate Obama’s round. They were compensated for every missed tee time at $179 per. That equates to about $25,000 for Obama to play a round of golf.

    Secondly, when he played, the Secret Service blocked the view from the homes on the course by holding up huge black netting. Lastly, and this one is really strange, the hotel had just finished there Christmas decorations which consists of three large, professionally decorated trees in the lobby. They are stunningly beautiful. Hotel management was asked to take down the trees until Obama’s stay was over. When they said no to this request, they settled for covering up the trees with sheeting. How bizarro is that?

  2. JeffS says:

    Syd, that last one isn’t bizarre, it’s disturbing. The other items are bizarre.

    Mr. B, with the losers both sides put on the Super Committee, what else but failure could happen?

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    How are things in Asia, Syd?

  4. aelfheld says:

    ($1.2 trillion / decade) = ($120 billion / year) = 12 days (3.28%) of current annualised spending.

    I’m not upset that the ‘super committee’ failed to reach agreement – just the opposite – but that the entire premise is such a sham.

    Seriously, 3.28%? That’s a rounding error in any sane organisation.

  5. Greg Newson says:

    I watched two of the committee’s sessions on TV.It was a joke.Three weeks into the hearings they were still talking about their goals and the brainpower on the committee.Never an idea or creation of new thought.
    It was like the Weimar republic’s assemblies which
    Hitler mocked in Mein Kampf.
    Sorry,but it’s true.I know that’s sacrilegious.

  6. Michael Lonie says:

    The Supercommittee achieved its mission: it gave cover for raising the debt ceiling by 2.4 trillion smackeroos. If that had not happened the world would have come to an end, dontcherknow. All the smart people and the cool kids assured us of that, and if you can’t believe them, who can you believe?

    The amount of the debt ceiling rise tells you how much deficit spending the Obama Administration intends to spend by January 2013.

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