PEACE Activists

Here’s the list of the names of the Presbyterians for East Asian Community Esprit, better known as “PEACE”, who are being scandalously charged by the police over their GatorGrenade sports drinks.
I mean, look at the names. This list could easily be confused with the Kirk membership in John Knox’ day.
Certainly not with, you know, terrorists or any such.

4 Responses to “PEACE Activists”

  1. Hmmm, no Wallace and Grommit there.
    And do you mean to tell me the fascist terrorist fighters were (dum dum dum dummmmm) MONITORING INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS?!

  2. I hear their Oxford buddies call them “Biff” and “Chip”.

  3. “Kum-bay-yah” is Arabic, is it not? Especially in the following sentence:

    “Print one more Allah cartoon and I’ll kumbayyah place with a liquid sports drink.”

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    I have to give one of our favorite commentors Dan Collins credit for calling me a “Presbyterrorist”.

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