Say THAT three times fast! or just read the article.

In the last few years, law school clinics have put the Berkeley, Calif., school system under judicial supervision for disciplining black and Hispanic students disproportionately to their population (yes, that’s Berkeley, the most racially sensitive spot on earth); sued the New York City Police Department for its conduct during the 2004 Republican National Convention; fought “gentrification” (read: economic revitalization) in urban “neighborhoods of color”; sued the Bush administration for virtually every aspect of its conduct of the war on terror; and lobbied for more restrictive “tobacco control” laws. Over their history, clinics can claim credit for making New Jersey pay for abortions for the poor; blocking job-providing industrial facilities; setting up needle exchanges for drug addicts in residential neighborhoods; and preventing New Jersey libraries from ejecting foul-smelling vagrants who are disturbing library users.

Fortunately, Bingley’s not there very often anymore. We try to catch him on his way out the door.

One Response to “Pedagogical”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Thank god for my cable modem. Maybe I can get to township library to pay for it, just to keep me home…

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