“Pellicula in Interrete Vulgate de Coitu Paridis”

…is probably one entry they could have left out and no one would judge them harshly.

…For those who think Latin means Cicero’s orations, caveat emptor. “We’re using an ancient language, but we’re writing on a computer, not papyrus,” says Josh Rocchio, a graduate student and one of the most active editors. “There isn’t anything that doesn’t belong in Vicipaedia. You can write about Julius Caesar, or you can write about blue cheese.”

ALWAYS one of my favorite subjects. The concept is a complete hoot.

3 Responses to ““Pellicula in Interrete Vulgate de Coitu Paridis””

  1. The_Real_Jeffs says:

    Aris-pay Ilton-hay in atin-lay till-say ucks-say.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Paris Hilton sucks in any language, even Klingon.

  3. NJ Sue says:

    We don’t have anything on the Romans, vulgarity-wise. I remember reading and translating Catullus in school. Some of it was just downright nasty.

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