Perhaps President Katrina Hasn’t Noticed That the Only Recent (i.e.: Last THREE HUNDRED YEARS) Contributions to the World of Math and Science

…his Islamic friends have made have been those very same stonings/shootings/soccer stadium executions/nose slicing offings/girls’ school bombings/you get the idea in an attempt to keep their followers sheeple as ignorant, sexually compliant and enslaved as possible. Krauthammer noticed.

I think quite a few of us did. major dad said someone on HotAir pointed out they have improved suicide vest technology, so one in the jihadi column, I guess. Achmed the Dead terrorist would beg to differ.

I have to mention I’ve met Gen. Bolden, as he’s a fellow VMA (AW) 242 Bat. He was a colonel then, and back for a visit, having been selected for the astronaut program the year prior to my reporting to the squadron. Everyone was all a twitter about him showing up in the head shed and word shot down to the hangar like wild fire. He certainly was impressive and it wasn’t just to my LCpl eyes. You could tell the younger officers had a serious case of hero worship, the middling company grade were thinking, “I can get there someday” and looking for clues how, and the older guys, one or two had been pups at the tail end of Viet Nam with him, schmaybe had a touch of green eyed monster. He took time to talk to everyone ~ again, some of our enlisted senior SNCO’s had been on the flightline in Viet Nam with him, but he was cordial to a fault to all who crossed his path. That could be his problem now, eh? But, anyway.

It was pretty cool. I mean, who’d ever met an astronaut before?

But I’ve come close before, oh, YES, I HAVE.

I DID get schmacked in the face by a frozen wad of unbroken confetti paper thrown from a skyscraper window at John Glenn’s ticker tape parade in New York City. In the festive Global Cooling of 1962. There I am!

I’m probably in front of the guy with the hat here.^ Not sure. Sorta looks like me.
‘Bout knocked my 6 year old gourd off it’s little shoulders…

Could explain a lot. Now, where were we? Space cadet…muslim math and science…no child left behind…

What sort of parents take a 3 year old and a 6 year old to a New York ticker tape?

Man, I am SO sending BP a bill for this.

7 Responses to “Perhaps President Katrina Hasn’t Noticed That the Only Recent (i.e.: Last THREE HUNDRED YEARS) Contributions to the World of Math and Science”

  1. Rob says:

    You were with your parents, though. It was a different time, ths. Kids were safer in public then … even if they were alone. I did things at 8, 9, and 10, either by myself or with other 8-9-10s, that most parents wouldn’t let their 18 year old kids do now.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Hahaha! Oh, Rob ~ I was thinking more of the conditions than the parade itself! It was 1 March, 1962, and I MEANT the Global Cooling:

    An estimated four million people turned out in frigid temperatures to cheer John and Annie Glenn as they rode, again in an open automobile with Vice President Johnson, in the procession down Broadway – temporarily named Astronaut Way for the event. Thirty-five hundred tons of paper was showered along the parade route in the biggest ticker tape parade in the city’s history.

    All I remember is the crush of humanity, freezing my ass off from the wind howling through those streets and then getting whaled in the frozen face by that block of paper while trying to look up. Mountain Man was on Daddy’s shoulders and we were all hanging on to each other for dear life, as you can see from the crowd shots. Somehow, some way, this marvelous, miraculous gentleman appeared with TWO steaming hot chocolates, one for each of us! WOWSAHS!!There weren’t words to thank him, although Mother and Daddy tried profusely. He just couldn’t stand to see us so miserable and knew how to do something about it, bless his heart.

    Oh, my goodness, and isn’t THAT the memory that sticks out like it was yesterday.

  3. Rob says:

    You can have the icy winds, crowd or no crowd. The “crush of humanity” is old hat to this veteran of many Mardi Gras celebrations on Canal Street, Lee’s Circle, etc.

  4. don says:

    I agree that it is absolutely unbelievable and even that is an understatement. Obama cannot and will not be defended upon trying to reach out and make Muslims feel about such contributions. It’s almost hilarious.

  5. JeffS, somewhere in Puget Sound says:

    Major Dad is correct in that Muslims have perfected suicide vests, but he forgets the entire IED spectrum; they certainly wrote the book on how to improvise all sorts of bombs and booby traps. Not to mention raising explosively formed pentrators to a high art form.

    But that’s still only one under the jihadi column.

  6. Skyler says:

    You also know another Bat astronaut. George Zamka commanded the last space shuttle flight. He’s a very good man.

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