Pffft! Good Luck…

Bush calls for new refineries, cuts to meet hurricane spending bill
President George W. Bush called for the United States to build new refineries after hurricanes Katrina and Rita battered US oil production.
Bush, speaking at a White House news conference, also renewed appeals for Congress to cut spending in other areas to help meet the reconstruction bill arising from the powerful storms.
“The storms that hit the Gulf Coast also touched every American with higher prices at the gas (petrol) pump,” the president said.
It ought to be clear to everybody that this country needs to build more refining capacity to be able to deal with the issues of tight supply,” he said.

The Swilling’s been hammering this drum since we set up shop. And yes, it ought to be clear and is completely clear…until they try to put it in your backyard. Then it quickly becomes NOT so clear.

One Response to “Pffft! Good Luck…”

  1. GALA says:

    Didn’t President Bush want to do some oil drilling in Alaska in his first year as president? That was shot down fast! I guess well meaning, but misguided environmentalists had their way.

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