Pig Post of the Day

Expensive, yes, but excessively yummy piglets from Heritage Foods USA.

These guys do great work with FAMILY farmers, not today’s industrial agriculture. Just browsing the breed descriptions makes one realize how far we’ve come in the homogenization of our food.

Heritage foods are foods derived from rare breeds of American livestock and crops with strong genetic authenticity and well-defined production protocols. Heritage Foods USA brings hard to find heritage foods with superior taste directly to American homes for holidays and special occasions. Because of their rarity and strict production protocols, heritage foods are currently produced only during certain periods of the year and in limited quantities.

You’ll have sticker shock at the prices, BUT get on their emailing list and there’s always a special that might be worth ordering for a ‘special’ dinner (And remember the prices INCLUDE shipping!). We ordered the four Berkshire Hog boneless loin chops and wow, wow, wow. I’ll be photo blogging the grilling of the next two.

5 Responses to “Pig Post of the Day”

  1. Pete says:

    Great attitude! Hey, I could really get into this pig thing. Will you host a CARNIVAL OF THE PIGS?
    Remember, it’s the Capitalist Pig that brings home the bacon.

  2. Welcome, Pete! We are always ready to be Carnival hosts, publicity hams that we are!

  3. Nightfly says:

    Hog that spotlight, Ms. Sister.

  4. A veritable Porcine Princess of Publicity!

  5. Now go order a porkchop and do your bit for the family farm.

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