Plastic Lettuce!

Now if I can just find some plastic bread I can make a sandwich…

4 Responses to “Plastic Lettuce!”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Throw in some plastic turkey, and you’ll be in heaven!
    But how will you spread the plastic mayonaise?

  2. colin says:

    I believe the crap master (Laurence Simon) used to run a caption contest every week, this would have been a great pic. I thought W was in a Christmas cracker factory.

  3. Actually, Colin? I thought Shrub’s head had been Photoshopped…but I didn’t see a Hezbollah or al-Reuters photog and had to look for another explanation.

  4. colin says:

    Oh shit, did i miss the whole joke. Must be lack of hot tea from not having a mug to drink out of…it’s all a little embarrassing I’m going back to bed.

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