Police Fear Threat To Muslims?

Oh sweet baby jeebus, the West is doomed. I can’t believe this crap; actually, sadly I can:

Police fears of threat to Muslims
It was “totally wrong” to retaliate against Muslims, Mr Fahey said
The police have increased their presence in areas with Muslim populations in the UK to deter attacks after the latest terror arrests.

Funny, most of the world, hell, most Muslims, are worried about attacks from Muslims.

The head of the Muslim Council of Britain said Muslims were “fully behind” efforts to prevent attacks.
Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari said the community supported curbs on terrorism, but warned of “a distance” growing between them and the police.

My, isn’t that telling. They fully support efforts to prevent attacks on Muslims, but they only “support curbs on terrorism.

However, police “need to do a lot more thinking” before that can happen, argued Fahad Ansari from the Islamic Human Rights Commission, because their intelligence was “flawed”.
“For four years we’ve been seeing more and more innocent people being harassed and demonised,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
“We’ve seen very few terrorists being captured but a lot of innocent people destroyed.

Their intelligence is not as flawed as their tactics. This PC surrender has got to end. And most of the innocent people who have been destroyed have been destroyed by…muslim terrorists.

Muhammad Abul Kalam from the Muslim Safety Forum said that there was generally an increase in Islamophobic attacks following events such as Thursday’s raids, in which 24 people were arrested.

Oh bull. After every single terrorist attack in the past five years there has been one and only one minority that has suffered ‘reprisal’ attacks: Jews.

10 Responses to “Police Fear Threat To Muslims?”

  1. Emily says:

    I read some BS about Muslims feeling like they’re “under seige” earlier in the morning and had to click away in disgust. Excuse me? Attacks in New York, Bali, Madrid, London, and Bombay, gawd knows how many suicided bombers in Israel and elsewhere, all of which have killed THOUSANDS of innocent people and these twats have the bloody NERVE to complain about being under @#$%ing seige?
    You’re right. The West is doomed. Welcome to the beginning of the return of the Dark Ages.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    The best line, of course, is the fellow over at Tim’s who submitted the following headline for the Grauniad:
    “British Muslims fear repercussions over tomorrow’s train bombing”

  3. We banjo players are under attack too. By evil, anti-American metalheads.

  4. Actually, there is another group that suffers “reprisal” attacks: Sikhs. There’s always one dipshit redneck who thinks a Sikh with a turban is OBL.

  5. Nightfly says:

    And you’ll notice that the Sikh Human Rights Commission is never quoted in the news as bemoaning such things, because the media is no smarter than that lone redneck hick.
    Muslims only feel like they’re under seige. Britons actually are.

  6. Abu Abdullah says:

    I think when Muslims see thousands of Muslims being slaughtered indiscriminately (men, women and children) in Kasmir by Indians, in Chechnya by Russians, in Iraq and Afghanistan by Americans and Britons, in Palestine and Lebanon by Israel, in South Thailand by the Thai government, as well as beign blown up indiscriminately by al-Qaeda, one cannot help but think that Muslims are getting it from all angles.
    What must be understood however is that Muslims were being slaughetered in these lands long before 9-11 and if you keep stepping on someone’s head, do not be surprised if he bites your ankle some day.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hi Abu. Yes, they were being slaughtered and slaughtering long before 9/11. The hindus and the muslims have been going at it since the first muslim invasion into what is now India in the 7th century. The Russian and the Chechen warlords seemed to be in an ever-rising contest to out-brutalize eachother. In Iraq the sunni/shia fight is what is killing most people. Who should the muslims be outraged at for car bombs that explode at mosques or in markets? It is not the Americans or british doing that. The blood of the vast majority of the civilian deaths in Iraq lies on the hands of other muslims, who are using every chance to attack their religious and political rivals to both acquire power now and settle decade/century old scores, and, as you say, al-qaeda, who claim they want a muslim world and yet have no qualms about murdering as many muslims as they can to achieve it. I frankly have heard nothing of ‘thousands being killed’ in Afghanistan, at least not since the Taliban were forced to stop executing women in soccer stadiums for the unspeakable crime of walking down the street. In Palestine and Lebanon certainly many have died, but when you have the supposed leaders encouraging people to strap bombs to themselves and wander into israeli markets and nightclubs, and when the families get generous funding from other nations and the forces hide their men and weapons among civilian centers then I’m not sure how many of these horrible deaths can be avoided. The Thai situation I’m not familiar with, but a glance at Indonesia and east Timor, the insurgency in the Phillipines and the charming implementation of sharia law in several African countires, makes one wonder who’s stepping on whose head.

  8. …Not to mention the thousands of Muslims being slaughtered by Muslims in Darfur…

  9. Dave J says:

    Oh, and of course the Sikhs also have a record of severely kicking some Muslim ass when they feel sufficiently provoked, and have none of the occasional Hindu propensity for pacifism. Which makes it particulary nice knowing India is currently lead by its first Sikh prime minister.

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