Presented Without Further Comment

Ken passed this along to me

Women and gay men are likely to be the worst drivers, a new study has shown.
Be afraid: Women or gay men could be behind the wheel of any car
Research has revealed that both perform poorly in tasks involving navigation and spatial awareness when compared to heterosexual men.
The computer-based tests were carried out on 140 volunteers, and demonstrated that gay men, straight women and lesbians navigated in a similar way, sharing the same weaknesses.

7 Responses to “Presented Without Further Comment”

  1. Mockin'bird says:

    I’ll bet somebody got a big grant for that study.
    Just look at NASCAR and Formula 1 over the years.

  2. But they feel WORSE when they hit you, DUH.

  3. GPS? We don’ need no steenkin’ GPS!

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    And they compliment you on your outfit and shoes, Sis.

  5. While offering a tissue, yes. It’s called ‘civilized’.

  6. david foster says:

    A study of aircraft accidents showed different patterns for male and female pilots. IIRC, female pilots were more likely to be involved in accidents involving proficiency in fast-response situations…like running off the runway in a gusty crosswind. Male pilots were more likely to be involved in accidents involving bad judgment…like flying on a day when even the birds are walking. In general, the consequences of the second category of accidents were much more serious.

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