Probably Not…

“I don’t know if we can really understand their experience by wearing the hijab just one day,” she said.

LGF reports that, in an apparent attempt to bring the everyday life of a Muslim woman to some fragile minded college co-eds, they’ve scheduled a day of dress-up. Obviously, while it’s difficult to replicate the REAL attitudes of the predominant Islamic world, I have a few easy recommendations that require little in the way of props or expensive overhead.

1) ROCKS: Cheap and easy to fling. The discriminating stoner (leaving out the toking variety) would know exactly which shape goes the furthest or makes the most satisfying thump or crunch or crack on contact. Now, you ARE allowed to grovel on the ground and attempt to cover yourself with however much your hands will shield, but it’s gonna be a mess eventually, especially if there are lots of male attendees.

2) FLEXIBLE LARGE BLACK HEFTY BAG: Why stop at hajib when you can have the whole burqua burqua thing going on for mere pennies. Slice a couple openings for peepholes and you’re on your way to burqua babe-dom. I believe these also come with a…
3) HEFTY ULTRA FLEX DRAWSTRING: …saving time and money when your male relatives go on a mercy killing rampage because your brother boinked the neighbor’s goat/daughter and ~ good old Islam ~ SOMEBODY’S gotta pay for that shit. If they slice you into little pieces, you’re already in the bag. If they’ve only got enough time to choke the life out of you, they can use the drawstring, keeping with the ‘easy clean-up’ theme because…? You guessed it. You’re already in the bag.
4) DULCET TONED HOLY MAN: These are available online by the bushel load.

You can get tapes of ugly, rotted toothed clergy saying almost anything you heart desires ~ from calling you ‘cat meat’ (does not include the ‘P’ word) to railing against Israel to explaining the mundane regulations surrounding WHUDU. Lotsa choices, lotsa imams. Start slowly, because if you get the one who’s into stoning, lashes and beheadings right off, you don’t leave yourself much chance to further your knowledge.
And you’ve only got a day.

3 Responses to “Probably Not…”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    “I don’t know if we can really understand their experience by wearing the hijab just one day,” she said.

    Well, here’s a little something that can help you understand a little more.

    Then again I doubt any amount of reality will help loony lefties understand.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    ‘Fraid not, Gunslinger. As the recent past has clearly demonstrated.

  3. nightfly says:

    I love it. Taking a class. IN COLLEGE. To understand the lives of women who are not permitted to get past grade school.
    Irony itself just exploded.

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