Proof Positive the Surge ISN’T Working

Since Friday, eight people have been murdered in New Orleans despite the addition of National guard troops, state police and Federal agents. And the killing is done at point-blank range in broad daylight, leaving neighborhoods fearful and police frustrated.
What amazes even federal investigators about New Orleans crime isn’t the violence, but the silence.
…Four men were killed Monday alone, bringing the number of murders in the city so far this year to 53. That compares to just 17 for the same period last year. Yet police are frustrated by crime scene after crime scene where many people watch but nobody talks.
…”Of course it’s going to get worse until they treat poor people better,” [Rev. Robert] Brown says.
But University of New Orleans criminologist Peter Scharf says the answer may be much more complicated, and so far has eluded even a beefed-up federal presence.
“Things that everyone thought would work, didn’t,” Scharf says.

Killing is definitely the antidote to being poor. Quicker by far than getting an education and/or a job, so it’s no wonder they’re blasting the beejeezus out of each other, right Rev. Brown?
On a side note, major dad and I had a back and forth the other day about just how long folks ~ claiming to be from New Orleans but living a gazillion miles and eight states away, with no intention of returning ~ will be allowed to vote as ‘residents’. Do they cut-off the displacees within a reasonable time frame and have half a hope to turn the city over to it’s RESIDENTS or…do they foster a virtual roaming NOLA gypsy nation, who shoulder none of the responsibilities of rebuilding, but dictate policy/doom the city to Nagin clones by virtue of absentee ballots?

6 Responses to “Proof Positive the Surge ISN’T Working”

  1. So many knew it wouldn’t work – RCP vote from me.

  2. I dunno where my original comment went, but if so many are convinced a surge won’t work in Iraq, why would it in N.O.?
    RCP vote

  3. Hey, BU! A warm Swill welcome and thanks!

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:


  5. memomachine says:

    The problem in NO is that it’s not a city built of communities any longer. It’s just a place where strangers congregate.

  6. NJ Sue says:

    When the government encourages economically marginal people to return to NO, it is doing them no favors. Katrina wiped out a way of life that is not coming back. Many of the displaced should go to Atlanta or Houston and start a new life where there are jobs and opportunities. Internal migration and a fresh start: it’s what made this country great.

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